VetMed Curriculum Management Tool

Welcome to the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Curriculum Management Tool (CMT).  This system is being developed in order to facilitate the management of the college professional and graduate curricula.

My Syllabi

View and edit any syllabus to which you currently have access.

Map my Courses

Update curriculum mapping fields for your courses.

My Team Reports

View and edit any team report to which you currently have access.

Explore Courses

Search for any course across the CMT and view any information about an offering.

Explore Contact Hours

Search for any contact hour across the CMT and view information about an offering.

Getting Help

Find helpful guides for getting started with the CMT.

Please note that the tabs that display are dependent on the type of course and that this is a work-in-progress.  There is a User’s Guide available on CVM Community (Office of Professional Program Support). If you need additional assistance or have suggestions for improvement, please contact